Sex & The City VS. Gossip Girl--Who has the best fashion?

Click this link to watch the entire playlist! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftj7yH... Two questions: Are you guys excited about the rumors of a new Sex and the City movie? HAHAHA. No. Why would you be? They're terrible! 2nd question: Did you guys see the latest episode of Gossip Girl? You know, that hit show that everyone's talking about? HAHAHA. No, because who cares. Nobody watches that show! It's a piece of shit. Oh, I am in a great mood today! But, it ultimately doesn't matter whether you watch them or not, because at a certain point, you stopped tuning in for the plots and started tuning in for the clothes. Yup, it's the ultimate style match-up: Sex and the City fashion vs. Gossip Girl fashion. Sex and the City gave us four fashion queens. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Annoying. And with that, four distinct styles - transexual gypsy, transexual business executive, transexual Stepford Wife, and lesbian. Gossip Girl has no less than six fashion queens - Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Chase Crawford, Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley. All with the same distinct style - headbands. So who's it gonna be? We'll take a look at * 'Sex and the City' Opening Credits * Gossip Girl Opening Credits Season 3 * Carrie Bradshaw's Top 10 Looks: Sex and the City Fashion Fla * 'Sex and the City 2' Fashion Trends * Carrie Bradshaw, her style * Sex and the City's Standout Style Quotes! * Closer look on GoSsIp gIrL FASHION (gg revealed) * Gossip Girl // Fashion Style! * Gossip Girl Style (Serena) * Gossip Girl - Paris Fashion with Eric Daman * Eric Daman explains Blair Waldorf's style... Also if you like Bryan Safi let him know! Are you ready for the ULTIMATE MARCH MADNESS POP BATTLES? The only place on the web, where Bieber battles Usher, Madonna battles Gaga and Chris Brown battles Rihanna (well, not quite...). We're finally put the verdict out on who is cuter Kittens or Puppies who is hotter, DiCaprio or Ryan Gosling and who is the real Madonna: Madonna or Lady Gaga! We have them all: Tupac vs. Biggie, Rock of Love vs. Flavor of Love The Voice vs. American Idol Sex and the city vs. Gossip Girl American Pie vs. American Reunion - just to name a few! Madonna vs. Gaga Johnny Depp vs. Channing Tatum We'll crown the winners and you sit back and watch! Stick around for the month of March & check out our video feuds! From the creator of VH1's Pop-Up Video comes your one stop pop culture spot on YouTube. Fresh daily and weekly shows. The Spot where YouTube Stars and pop culture celebrities get "popped." Smart, snarky, clever, hilarious, outrageous, hot, informative and unfiltered fun. The only spot on the web where you can see Pitt, Bieber, Lautner, De Franco, Beyonce, Britney, Jenna Marbles, The Annoying Orange, Shane Dawson, Ray William Johnson, What The Buck, Rebecca Black, The Double Rainbow Guy AND Cats with Lightsabers...get popped! Get ready for our official launch in April 2012! Subscribe now to be one of the first to know what's popping: Or swing by to check us out: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter: Want more fun - Go to Tubmlr And check us out on Google+:


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