Cedric Surry/ The Perfect business 2016/2017

Cedric Surry/ Why Global Wealth Trade. Global wealth trade is a Fashion House Cedric Surry 404-399-1822 http://Www.plushdesigner.com LoveFeri74 The fastest growing form of home based business for the past 70 years is Direct Sales where goods and services are recom- mended and sold by consumers to other consumers for lucrative commissions and bonuses as referral fees. According to the DSA (Direct Selling Association) there are currently more than 2000 Direct Sales companies offering home business opportuni- ties. The biggest question opportunity seekers have is how to choose the right one? After reading this document you will be well pre- pared to be able to choose the right company and the right products that will be safe, reliable, and most importantly; profitable. Top 10 Reasons Why Global Wealth Trade Corporation is the Absolute Best Home Based Opportunity of the Millennium: 1. Perfect timing and in momentum stage entering critical mass towards exponential growth. 2. Debt free. 3. Highly experienced and internationally recognized corporate management team. 4. Revolutionary - industry first and only Variable FREE FLOWING Binary compensation plan with up to 70% payout. 5. Manufacturing heritage dating back to 1880’s. 6. Canada’s largest Luxury Fashion House and world’s fastest growing since 2008. 7. Fastest expanding Direct Sales Company in history serving clients in over 150 countries in the first 9 years. 8. Globally pre-approved and highly branded and internationally recognized designer brands; perfect for international expansion and marketing. 9. Hollywood’s designer line, present on red carpets, big screen and TV shows with hundreds of international celebrity and dignitary clients including country Presidents and 4 star Generals. 10. Unprecedented third party credibility due to scores of accolades by international trade publications & media.


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