How to cut men's short haircuts? Texturize next to the scalp. Vern Scissors- Hairstyle 3

00:01 Hair scissors 4Ea. Texturize next to the scalp韋恩智慧型組合剪刀,以調量類4Ea對頭皮調量 01:43 Hair scissors 4V+4E. Horizontal cut to create one-length, bob and geometric hair ends effects 04:33 Hair scissors 4Ee. More hair volume. Horizontal cut to create strong and special effects Unit 3 introduces Vern Intelligent Texturizing Scissors, 4Ea. 第三個單元講述的是韋恩智慧型組合調量刀中的4Ea Vern Intelligent Combined Texturizing Scissors, 4Ea, is the design of 8 L-shaped teeth. This L-shaped teeth design is a worldwide patent invention, has no cutting tool mark and is the scissors designed especially for less hair volume or thin hair customers. 4Ea為八個L型齒設計,此L型齒為世界級專利發明,絕對無刀痕,是髮量細少者的專用刀。 細少髮量的髮型創作,雖不需調量,作品完成後卻易扁塌、變形。 Though the hairstyle creations of thin and less hair volume do not need texturization, these kinds of hairstyles easily become flat and change shape. However, with the special features of 4Ea and supporting features of short hairs, 4Ea would create some short hair and properly make short hair support long hair in hair roots. 但運用4Ea的專有特性在髮型創作的過程中,利用短髮的支撐特性,創造些許較短的頭髮,於髮根處讓短髮適當地支撐較長的髮絲,使髮型不變形、扁塌,為細少髮的消費者解決一生最大的煩惱。 4Ea prohibits hairstyles from changing shapes or being flat and solve the biggest problem in lives of customers with less or thin hair natures. Texturizing scissors, 4Ea, can be applied in adjusting hair root, mid hair or hair ends and assistant demonstrating cutting accuracy professionally to hairstyles. 4Ea調量刀,可用於調整髮根、髮中,或髮尾等三個位置,幫助髮型裁剪的精準度專業地呈現。 4Ea even has one more unique function, to completely reduce hair volume for customers with really much hair volume. This is using 4Ea to cut hair completely next to the scalp and wholly remove the redundant hair volume. 4Ea更有一獨特使用功能,就是針對髮量非常多的消費者作完全去量。也就是利用4Ea作貼頭皮處裁剪,將多餘髮量完全去除。 Only Vern texturizing scissors, 4Ea, can develop this unique function. Because of the special 8 L-shape patent teeth design, it only cut off subtle hair volume in each cutting. Such hair volume reduced is designed according to every person's natural falling hair percentage per day. 只有韋恩的4Ea調量刀才能發揮此獨特功能。 因為特殊八個L型專利齒設計,於每次裁剪時都僅僅去除些微的髮量。 這樣的去髮量是根據每人每日自然掉髮的比例而設計。 Common texturizing scissors are only applicable in mid hair or hair end. This leads to the original too much hair volume in hair roots still exist and the hair end would be too light and thin thus affecting the overall hairstyle balance and aesthetics. 一般的調量刀都僅能使用於髮中、髮尾處,造成髮根處原本太多且厚重的髮量依然存在,而髮尾卻過於輕薄,影響髮型整體的美感。 Vern texturizing scissors, 4Ea, harms no scalp and won't have any rough feeling at all. It can help customers get rid of the thick, weight, and depressing image of no aesthetics. 4Ea is surely the savor of much hair volume people. 韋恩的4Ea調量刀既不傷頭皮,又無粗糙觸感,可幫助我們的消費者擺脫厚重沈悶沒美感的印象,確實是髮量多者的救星。 Cutting, Texturizing, Styling, Super Curve Series Scissors and Vern Bridge Web: Facebook: 韋恩臉書: Cutting series Vern Scissors Cut Layers and Contour Line 4V+4V=Light and soft hair ends 4V+4E=One-length and Bob hair ends Texturizing series Vern Scissors Texturize Hair Volume 4Ea for less hair volume 4Eb for medium hair volume 4Ec for more hair volume 4Ea+4Eb+4Ec=Natural hair ends without hard lines Styling Series Vern Scissors Create Defined and Special Effects 4Ed for less hair volume 4Ee for more hair volume 4Ed+4Ee=Defined and special effects Super Curve Series Vern Scissors Cut Layers and Contour Line 4N curve and various technical effects 4N+4N= perfect for fly cutting Vern Bridge Creativity Fun HairStyle Vern Hairdressing Style College Web: Tel: 886 6 234 8518 Fax: 886 6 234 1124


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