2010 º Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Trailer Commercial

Visit/ Visita: http://www.worldtoys.es.tl Comming to DvD Sep. 2010 Synopsis: Magic happens if you believe in yourself. In this storybook, Barbie leaves behind her acting career and her ex-boyfriend Ken to travel to Paris and help her Aunt Millie. Millie runs a fashion design house that has received bad reviews and is about to close up shop for good. Barbie and Millie's assistant, Alecia, enlist the help of some magical fashion fairy-muses to hold a fashion show of Alecia's new designs. Before the designs are complete, the fairies are kidnapped, and Barbie, Alecia, and Millie must complete the show on their own. By working hard and believing in themselves, the show is a success and Millie's business is saved.


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