DUCK SCARVES REVIEW - MUSKA JAHAN Asalamualaikum everyone! In today's post we are going to have a dUCK Scarves review. I must say that I am really excited because I have been on the lookout for some high quality hijabs and I definitely believe that dUCK Scarves fits that criteria. After doing a little bit of research, I learned that many of their customers rave about their scarves and will collect as many as they possibly can. Their collections sell out very quickly and they actually have to place limits as to how much you can purchase because of the high demand. BACKGROUND INFORMATION dUCK Scarves is Based in Malaysia and was founded by power couple Vivy Yusof and Fadza Anuar. They have created a major level of success for themselves and are also the founders of Fashion Valet, a popular online retailer in Asia. I think it's amazing that they have pioneered the way to show that an Islamic fashion business can be truly profitable and I have a high level of respect for them as entrepreneurs. BRANDING AND PACKAGING I think that as far as branding and packaging goes, dUCK Scarves has done an amazing job at creating a brand that is easily identifiable. Their iconic duck logo and signature purple have come a long way for them in terms of being memorable, and I love the quirky yet stylish appeal that this company emulates. When you open the box, it comes with the signature tissue paper and ribbon, which is often collected or sold, proving the fact that dUCK has marketed itself very well in terms of being a luxury brand. In addition to that, each box comes with a style card that shows you the different ways you can style your hijab. Overall, I'd say that the packaging is very thoughtful and I can imagine that dUCK Scarves would be an amazing gift as well. PRODUCT REVIEW I made sure to purchase from dUCK Scarves' Bamboo Cotton line because I live in Houston, TX and as you might have guessed, it is very hot over here. After receiving the scarves in the mail I was really happy that the Bamboo Cotton dUCK scarves were cooling to the touch, easy to work with, and not slippery. I tend to avoid using materials such as satin or silk as hijabs because they slip unless you wear an underscarf, and in my climate situation it's obviously not the best choice for me. In terms of quality, I really liked the fact that the scarves were opaque and lightweight at the same time, which means that The Duck Group really focused on the needs of the modest fashion customer. I'd say that overall, if you are looking for some investment scarves, dUCK Scarves are the way to go. They are a little pricey and a bit difficult to get a hold of if you aren't located near Malaysia, Brunei, etc. but if you are patient you can definitely get your hands on these beautifully made hijabs. HASHTAGS TO FIND THE SCARVES ON INSTAGRAM: THE AMAZING INSTAGRAM SELLER THAT I PURCHASED FROM: BELLAMUSE94 ******This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own. WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @MUSKAJAHAN


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