The Rick Owens spring summer collection is titled Faun, in reference to l'apres-midi d'un faune, the ballet performed by the ballets russes, set to music composed by Debussy based on the poem by Stephane Mallarme, a combo of some of my favorite creators in an historic moment of modernism. In it, a faun chases some nymphs, and left with one of their scarves, masturbates to it primal urges, artificially expressed. My better half, the hun, took a wild thing under her wing and helped him heal. Benoit has been modeling with me for years but she saw he needed help and let him into our house. The drawings he churned out describing their relationship are embroidered all over this collection. they weren't designed for fashion, I just picked up what I found lying around the house. The past few seasons have been about the euphoria of team spirit, then narrowing the focus to the intimacy of my personal team and here, narrowing the focus further, to an individual spirit in that team. Expressing himself in a primal yet elegant way. Crisp canvas and poplins are hand waxed, appliqued and then embroidered in my faded versions of leon baksts exuberant colors that were a big part of the ballet russes impact and mystique. Tissue light nylons and a new adidas springblade collab recalls scarves and animal feet respectively... Shapes are as severe as possible with tunics, tents and hiked shorts reducing the clothes to their simplest shapes. The one concession to civilization is an oversized double breasted jacket in honor of Jean Michel-Frank whom I like to think was in the audience watching nijinsky hump that scarf... Makeup: Mac cosmetics and Lucia Peroni (streeters) Hair: Luigi Morenu (Streeters) Prod: La mode en images Music: Dj Swizzymack, mixed by Jeff Judd


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