[HairWorld Milano]Contractive short haircuts with long purple highlight Bangs, vern hairstyles 07

Hairstyle Artist:Alina Liu 髮型創作老師:劉錦雅 The inspiration comes from “embellishment” and the features of texturizing scissors make the concise hair a transparent visual feast. Long and short hair mixture in the fringe near eyes is like a layer of purple gossamer that grants eye views some mystery. 來自「紅暈」的渲染靈感,加上調量刀的特性,簡潔的直髮,多了穿透性的視覺饗宴,眼際瀏海,長短交疊,似層紫色薄紗,賦予目光多了幾分神秘感。 4Eb x 2+4E texturize to cut 調剪 4E +4V fly-cutting & texturizing 飛剪&調量 4E +4V Cutting 裁剪 Catwalk & Gallery 走秀與髮型圖片 Trailer and next video.下一支預告片及上一支影片 Cutting, Texturizing, Styling, Super Curve Series Scissors and Vern Bridge Web: Cutting series Vern Scissors Cut Layers and Contour Line 4V+4V=Light and soft hair ends 4V+4E=One-length and Bob hair ends Texturizing series Vern Scissors Texturize Hair Volume 4Ea for less hair volume 4Eb for medium hair volume 4Ec for more hair volume 4Ea+4Eb+4Ec=Natural hair ends without hard lines Styling Series Vern Scissors Create Defined and Special Effects 4Ed for less hair volume 4Ee for more hair volume 4Ed+4Ee=Defined and special effects Super Curve Series Vern Scissors Cut Layers and Contour Line 4N curve and various technical effects 4N+4N= perfect for fly cutting Vern Bridge Creativity Fun HairStyle Vern Hairdressing Style College Email: vern@vern.com.tw Tel: 886 6 234 8518 Fax: 886 6 234 1124 Web: Facebook: 韋恩臉書:


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