#TRIBEtalks: How Can Fashion/ Art Study make you Happier? :0)

Your visual messages are carried through form. Why do YOU want to learn more? What is your inspiration, what is your message. Do you freeze up when you see a blank page? Sketching should bring pleasure and relaxation :0) In a fashion career, there are times to work under pressure, but an underlying experience of joy and expression are, I believe, the most essential ingredient in your work, so that you can have a lasting lifestyle of craft, message, skill combined with content that makes a difference. Fashion needs your voice. You can unleash yours! I'd love to help. xo,Laura Volpintesta founder, fashion illustration TRIBE. Please share your comments, thoughts, and QUESTIONS for future videos! Visit my website and join in the conversation. SUBSCRIBE to stay in the loop, I'm so glad you are here! my website my favorite place to blog DAILY is instagram..... I love to connect, educate, learn and inspire there in the feed! Keywords: fashion schools top fashion schools fashion design schools learn fashion design fashion illustration course fashion design course online fashion schools model drawing techniques


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