5 Luxury Items I can not live without Chanel bag wallet shoes earrings Hermes Perfume Minecraft

Hello, Today I will be doing a video of 5 luxury items I can't live without. My kids: you got more videos than subscribers. (I know, but pretended like I didn't hear it.) My kids: maybe if you showed your face you'll get more subscribers. (I am like, Ahhh...I don't want to get rid of any subbies I have.) My kids: you need to start playing Minecraft, then you definitely get more subscribers. (My craft???) ***** Tag items mention in video Bag: Chanel Jumbo Lambskin (sowie multicolor) SLG: Chanel Lambskin wallet Shoe: Chanel flats Jewerly: Chanel CC earrings Perfume: Galop D Hermes ***Extra Misc: They are not any material items, they are my KIDS!*** This video was very fun to do and I have to say...I can live without any of these luxury items...but what I can't live without are my kids. They are the most Luxurious. (Mommy love you guys so so so much.) Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed it. Really love if you give my video a thumb up and subscribe to my channel so I can do more videos.


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