Fashion Tale, Kulturnyheterna SVT 2008-09-05 (english sub)

Ground gaining Swedish fashion opens up for new fashion journalism. Now, a picture will tell more than a thousand words, again. In the wake of the wave of optimism that the Swedish fashion industry rides on, several new fashion magazines have been established. The latest one is the strictly pictorial Fashion Tale. - I find the climate of Swedish fashion press being quite hysterical and in lack of soul. We want to, in a way, calm that hysteria down and focus on what fashion really is. - Which is? - Which is style. It's personalities. It's who you are and the one you aspire to be. Swedish fashion is raptured by optimism at the moment and it feels like there are more fashion weeks than ordinary weeks in the calendar. In the wake of the success there have been several fashion magazines established. On one side of the spectra we have the literary fashion magazine Litkes, which in an essay-like form put the clothes in their contexts. And we see Fashion Tale -- a magazine in book form with 208 pages of ambitious fashion photography which wants to tell something. - What me and Hanna are interested in, is the great fashion photo. Those images of which you are drawn into and want to see more of, and get something out from. And fashion always, in a way reflects the present day and we create our tales out from what we see on the news. The Fashion industry has, in some ways, always been working as a patron for big photographers and many of the greatest have partly been working within the genre. But there hasn't been a natural platform in Sweden for our best fashion photographers and the question is in what extent conditions for a magazine like this, is affected by the Swedish fashion hype. - I definitely believe that there is a connection and it's concerning the same scene as well. The fashion industry over all is large as a scene, but there is a clique on the Swedish fashion scene among designers and journalists and other people who work with fashion in Sweden who are very interested in a more alternative attitude towards fashion. And how would you describe the state of fashion press in Sweden? - I think that Swedish fashion press is feeling quite well, but these products on the alternative scene is about working idealistic. From a creative perspective, one could say that Swedish fashion press is feeling great, at the moment. www.fashiontalemagazine.com


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