First term in fashion school! | Vlog #4

I can't believe the first term is over!!! I survived! Lol kidding aside, I used to be so afraid of going to fashion school coz of my awkwardness and the occasional "what if I'm not good enough after all?" questions. But omg no regrets at all! I've had so much fun with the best people, learning more and more about what I'm so passionate about. ❤️ So excited for the next classes!!! Check out a more detailed look of what happened in the first week of fashion school: Find me elsewhere: Instagram: @nicyannawong -- for illustrations, designs and shoots Snapchat: nicwongie -- for BTS, dogs and random things Pinterest: nichebynicwong -- for inspiration, ideas, style guides and artsy things For inquiries and sweet greetings, email me at nicyannawong@gmail.com Music: Happy Rock by Bensound


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