Why fashion industry must change, and how a real alternative can be built - ethical fashion by AZIRA

-- Join the Movement at http://igg.me/at/azira -- It is no secret that today's fashion industry exploits women, both those who make clothes and who wear them. We have been building a real alternative to the fashion industry since 2008. Our own island of ethical, judgment-free fashion created for women of different colors, different faiths and different sizes. We are not alone -- we are proud to be a part of a global movement for independent fashion. You too can join this movement. Support our mission of making the fashion industry more ethical. Pre-order clothes from our next collection to create more sustainable jobs for women who need them the most, and help us stand up to objectification and misrepresentation of women. Find all the details in our Indiegogo page And spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Credits: Directors: Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah Styling: Rachida Aziz Make-up: Francine Participants: Angelo, Simmy, Hélias, Tarik, Muberra, Julie, Noura, Corinne, Alicia, Ypoon and Corinne.


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