How to Start an Online Clothing Store Chit Chat & Rant

Hey there! FINALLY!!! Right?? When I say the struggle was real…. I mean it was beyond REAL!!! I recorded this video not one not two not three but FOUR times. My canon rebel T3i was not cooperating with me. The video quality was way below standard no matter what settings I had my camera in :/ I tried to fix it and realized I needed to head to the gym. PERFECT! So I headed to the gym only to come back exhausted and on a goal oriented timeline. I gave myself to the end of this week to upload this video so…. I ended up filming it on my phone in my daughter’s room (so if my energy seems lower than usual the struggle is why). “A goal is simply a desire without action” – Christina Gold Okay, enough of my rant. I received a ton of emails regarding starting an online boutique and I tried to answer every single email (excluding emails with questions already answered in the video and in the comments section) but majority of you will receive the answers and come back with more questions. Most questions were in regards to wholesale vendors, manufacturers, starting costs, pricing merchandise, storing merchandise, choosing the right ecommerce platform, hiring a web designer, logo creation, naming your business, becoming an LLC, needing an EIN, marketing, trade shows, investing in webinars, branding, and so much more. Now, I’m really big on utilizing my time effectively and time management (at least for the most part lol no ones perfect) so I had to let some of you know I’m human and have a ton of things to do as well. And the response I received back was, can you just create an eBook or something with everything you know in it? At first I was against the idea until multiple people started asking the same thing. I thought to myself surely there are plenty of eBooks and webinars out on the subject why not just invest in those? Then I thought to myself what’s the harm in putting out another one? Everyone is not for everybody and If I could offer assistance and guidance in a manner that resonates with certain people then why not? “The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’” -Jeffrey Bezos So be on the look out for the How to Start an Online Clothing Store eBook! Feel free to email me with any questions at iamchristinagold@yahoo.com in the mean time. I wish you nothing but success. Christina Gold :)


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