Learn men's haircut from Carlos Ramos from Sugar Sculls Loft

Learn men’s fade, how to use the clippers, how to use the lever of the clipper, do a clipper-over-comb technique, scissors-over-comb technique, barber haircut, learn how to stay focused at what your are best at and become a specialist. Start from the parietal and occipital bones. Start with the clippers. Direct your client to hold the hair or chin the way you need to make the haircut process better. The lighter cordless machine; clippers to cut hair: always carry a second cordless clipper to replace/swap the first one. Learn how to get the motion/dexterity down for the haircut. Keep practicing with your tools to be comfortable with them. Learn how to find the client’s natural part once you comb the hair all the way back and push it forward. Know that the comb that you use for the scissor-over-comb needs to be the same size as the scissors or clippers. When the students are in school they have room to make mistakes, but once they have their cosmetology license they need to be professional and are expected to know everything, so school is the place to practice and perfect your art of hairdressing, client consultation and cosmetology ethics. Learn how the hair shows will help you network and get motivated. Go off of the widest part of the widow’s peak to section the top area, use a hairclip the hold the hair if necessary. Learn how to use the social media for your business. Learn how to trim the neckline. Learn how to cut the top portion of the hair and how to conform it to the client’s bone structure from the frontal to the peak of the head. Hit the clipper from every direction of the hair growth to catch all the hair that grows on different directions. Go straight up with the clipper. Learn about symmetry of the haircut. Blow-dry the hair and crosscheck the haircut on dry hair. Show the client how to style their hair at home. Trim around the hairline. Guest artist: Carlos Ramos from Sugar Sculls Loft, model: Aaron, Video by BeautyHealthTravel channel N.Z. մազ կտրել, Tall de cabell, Стрижка, شعر, Подстригване, účes, klipning, kapsel, juukselõikus, hiustenleikkuun, Coupe de cheveux, Haarschnitt, txiav plaub hau, hajvágás, potongan rambut, taglio di capelli, frizūra, kirpimas, Gunting Rambut, hårklipp, کوتاه کردن مو, fryzura, corte de cabelo, tunsoare, Стрижка, strihanie vlasov, striženje, corte de pelo, Κούρεμα, kukata nywele, frisyr, saç kesimi, حجامت, Cắt tóc, wallt, maz ktrel, BeautyHealthTravel,


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