Prof. Joris Voorhoeve On Curbing War and Building Peace in the 21st Century - Lecture 5

Title: Recent Wars, Civil Wars and Peace Operations (25 Feb) Speaker: Prof. Joris Voorhoeve, Professor of International Organizations, Leiden University and Lecturer in Peace, Justice and Security at the Hague University of Applied Sciences Description: Wars and civil wars cause intolerable suffering. They destroy much of the progress made in peaceful times. Large-scale political violence gives rise to pressing questions. They should not be answered in a partisan way but a clinical, academic fashion. In this series, we will search for the best possible answers and arrive at practical policies which should help avoiding war or ending ongoing wars to prevent further bloodshed. Will our 21st century be more peaceful than the 20th or even be worse? Why do wars and civil wars break out and recur? What are the foundations of lasting peace? What is the responsibility of peaceful states to end wars and civil wars in other countries? Are there possibilities to save foreign people from the political violence in and between their states? What policies and institutions help to end wars and avoid new outbreaks? How can national and international systems for peaceful conflict settlement be strengthened? Will Immanuel Kant's "Eternal Peace" forever remain an illusion? About the speaker: Joris Voorhoeve draws on theories of political science, war and peace studies, and practical experience as former minister of Defence, former chair of Oxfam International, and co-Chair of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict. The individual lectures 1. Recent Wars, Civil Wars and Peace Operations (25 Feb) 2. Various Causes of Armed Conflicts; their Victims and Damage (10 Mar) 3. The Possibilities to Intervene and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (24 Mar) 5. Building Structures for Peaceful Settlement of Conflicts (21 Apr) More information about the speaker: ... Maastricht University:


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