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**Thumbs up for finding your soul mate, or should I say hair mate :)** This is footage taken from my previous video (This Subscription Box Is Changing My Life - Petit Vour June 2014 Review)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrCVS...) of me sharing my thoughts on the EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner that I received in my June Petit Vour box. EVOLVh saw my mini review of their products in that video and asked if I could send them that part of the video to share on their website so I decided to just edit up a little new video for them with that footage. :) __ Through Petit Vour, an amazing monthly luxury vegan and cruelty-free subscription box, which you can watch my previous video on for more information, I discovered EVOLVh and I couldn't be happier. It feels like this shampoo and conditioner were made for my hair. It instantly made such a huge difference in my hair and made it look so shiny and feel so moisturized. Nothing compares and nothing has ever done something like this for my hair before. The wonderful scent lingered for so long and made my hair and scalp feel and stay so clean, I could not be more satisfied with these products. Also, a little goes a VERY long way, even for my long and thick hair I only need a tiny amount which is amazing and will be a huge money saver! I am so happy to have discovered them through Petit Vour and wanted to share my hair miracle with you all! If you want a shampoo and conditioner that is like nothing you have ever tried, with a scent that is amazing and lingers, that gives you squeaky clean hair and scalp, that is all natural/gluten free/sulfate free/paraben free/not tested on animals/no animal derived ingredients/color safe/organic and is great for your hair, I totally recommend you try EVOLVh products and see how they work for you. They have a bunch of other products that I am so excited to try out in the future. I hope they work for you like they worked for me! After I made the title for this video I saw on their website they say "Quite likely, the best shampoo and conditioner you will ever use", that could not be more true as you can see!! :) __ Leave me a comment if you end up checking out EVOLVh or try any of their products, or if you have before! Let them know I sent you if you do! :) if you have any comments, questions, or video suggestions, let me know in the comments! __ **U can watch in 1080p HD :)** ✧ tweet me if you're watching/reading this right now! ✧ __ ♡ THINGS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: Links current as of date video was posted! ♡ __ ~EVOLVh Luxury Natural Haircare~ instagram&twitter: @evolvh *UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (check out all sizes)* __ ~Petit Vour~ PETIT VOUR WEBSITE: instagram&twitter: @petitvour My previous Petit Vour video that this footage was taken from: () __ ^ (mention me if you check them out!! ;)♡) __ ☂ let's be friends!! ✿: Twitter: Instagram: ___ WANT TO SEND ME SOMETHING? (all things will be shown/opened in a PO Box haul video!): iwasintheshower 2320 Nott St E Niskayuna, New York 12309 ___ If you'd like to contact me: iwasintheshower@hotmail.com ___ What I use to film: Canon t4i with 18-135mm EF-S IS STM Lens ___ Thank YOU so much for watching!! __ things mentioned in this vid~ i was in the shower, hair growth, damaged hair, long hair, my hair has found its soul mate, healthy hair, dry hair, moisture, fix damaged hair, fix dry hair, repair dry hair, repair hair, hair treatment, cruelty free, vegan, vegan cosmetics, vegan hair, cruelty free shampoo, cruelty free cosmetics, makeup, skincare, haircare, monthly subscription box, best monthly subscription box, deal, cheap, smart, luxury beauty, luxurious, vegan beauty, cruelty free beauty, anti-aging, hydrating, seaweed, sunflower, wild pansy, sweet clover, apricot, passion flower, sodium chloride free, keratin safe, best hair products, best shampoo, best conditioner, damaged hair, hair remedy, how to fix damaged hair, clean scalp, scalp buildup, quick, easy, hair volume, silky smooth shiny hair, i just really love this shampoo and conditioner UGH, all natural hair, clean, lifestyle, routine, tutorial, beauty guru, makeup tutorial, hair tutorial, advice, haul video, review video, recommend, opinions, new york city, health, model, iMac, funny, iwasintheshower Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored, all opinions came straight from my heart & I as always!! I received this Shampoo and Conditioner in my June Petit Vour box and wanted to share my opinions on it with you all and I did in my June Petit Vour video. (And then EVOLVh asked if I could send them the part of my June Petit Vour video where I talked about their products to share on their website so I decided to just upload this part separately for them.) :)


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