4 Men's Fashion Fails

What are some of the most common men’s fashion disasters? And most importantly, how can men avoid them? This week Styleogue visits Melbourne, Australia – where fashion design duo Luke Gill and Hanny Tay, of GillTay, act out some of the worst male style and grooming offences. Fashion behaviours in the firing line is: bad beard maintenance, wrinkly clothes, too much cologne and mismatched socks. What men’s fashion mistakes really annoy you? To follow Luke on Instagram: @ItsLukeShane To follow Hanny on Instagram: @HannyTay To follow GillTay on Instagram: @GillTayAU To follow Styleogue on Instagram: @StyleogueTYT Music: "RetroFuture Nasty”, “Cold Funk”, “Stringed Disco”, “Hustle” and “Funkorama” (in chronological order) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Video produced by Jayde Lovell and shot and edited by Bec Susan Gill To follow Bec on Twitter: @BecSusanGill To follow Jayde on Twitter: @JaydeLovell To follow Styleogue on Twitter: @Styleogue


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