Say NO to Fast Fashion \\ Sustainable Fashion Consumption Capsule Wardrobes

Why YOU should care about shopping more sustainably and how YOU can build a timeless and sustainable wardrobe! How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe β†’ -- As I mentioned in the video, my wardrobe was stressing me out so much, I decided to purge and hold several closet sales. I'm now starting fresh and am in the process of building my own capsule wardrobe for Back to School (Fall). I think sharing my journey as I transition from the average messy/undefined wardrobe to the minimalistic capsule wardrobe I want will help those of you who want to do the same. I hope this inspires you to join this journey of building capsule wardrobes with me! A lot of my future videos will be related to my capsule wardrobes :) My 'How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe' video will be up next. Since you've read this far, I want to let you in on a secret (you deserve it -- thank you for reading my descriptions). I'm going to launch my own blog soon!! It will make it so much easier for me to update and talk with you guys. I'll also be able to create more detailed content through blog posts, documenting my capsule wardrobe journey! Exciting right? Leave aπŸ‘Œin the comments! Please show your support & SUBSCRIBE!


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