Can Am Spyder Fashion Show Promo (∆ Find Your Zen ∆)

(∆ Find Your Zen ∆) Many great options are available when looking for a new or used motorcycle made by one of the top 10 motorcycle brands. Modern motorcycle manufacturing processes offer extremely tight tolerances that ensure quality and reliability, and the variety of motorcycle types and brands has never been better. Some of the top makers of great bikes include: Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, Triumph, Victory, Ducati, BMW,………….. and much more !!! 5 Reasons You Should Own a Motorcycle 1. The Cool Factor When you begin riding a motorcycle, there is no getting around the increase of your cool factor—it’s going to happen. Now. Let’s pause. Before you rush out to buy a bike for the sole purpose of increasing your cool factor, understand that riding a bike for the first time is a trying experience. There is a learning curve. Many people buy motorcycles and never get beyond that stage of fearfulness. A good rule of thumb: consider your fight or flight response. If you lean toward most challenges with some fight, you’ll eventually take to some powerful two-wheeling. If your first reaction is “find most assured self-preservation,” you may have a really good looking bike in your garage for years, collecting dust. Looking at it from an existential perspective: when you get beyond those fears, and gain a new skill set like riding a motorcycle, you score cool points. Source: goliath. com 2. The Bike Bond Ever think some people have really strange bonds with inanimate objects? Wait until you own a motorcycle. Sure, some people love their cars. This is especially true if the car is a dream come true, was built from the frame up or is part of personal legacy evoking nostalgia. A motorcycle is like that, except 10x stronger. Most people name their motorcycles, whether or not they admit it, and people buy things like accessories and parts for a bike that make it more “their bike” than any other bike that came off the same assembly line. And how strong do these bonds with a motorcycle get? It might be safer to ask a friend for a night with their wife or girlfriend than to ask if you can take their bike out for a spin. Don’t believe that? Let us know how you feel after owning a bike for 10 years. Source: goliath. com 4. Closest Thing To Flying If you don’t see a pilot’s license in your future, or imagine joining a team of skydivers or wing suit base jumpers, motorcycling will serve as the closest thing to flying. This is particularly true when riding sport bikes. Either way, being in the great wide open, cruising at highway speeds, cornering in a way that you simply can’t in a car to feel the physiological effect of riding a motorcycle…it is a natural high. Simply put, if your adrenal gland seems to be in retirement, a motorcycle might be key to getting a little bit of that mojo back in your brass. And, of course, this goes for anyone. Men and women. A motorcycle doesn’t care who takes ownership, so long as someone takes ownership, and uses the bike for its created purpose—to be ridden. Source: goliath. com 5. You'll Find Your ZenCome your birthday, your mom won't have to worry about finding something you'll like or need. There's so much cool motorcycle gear out there (helmets, gloves, jackets, and accessories are just a start), she'll always be able to come up with something good. Part of being cool as a motorcyclist comes when you stop worrying about "embarrassing" things like helmet hair or walking into restaurants wearing base layers; you don't get upset when it's hot or cold or raining or windy. Ride regularly (and intelligently) for long enough and you'll even be less enraged by other road users' negligence. Because you know centering your anger on one person or thing only results in lost awareness. On the road, the constant monitoring of your situation—speed, angle, body posture, road condition, lane position, possible hazards, etc.—serves as a meditation that clears your mind of the unnecessary. I have never once thought about the Kardashians while riding. On a bike you find mindfulness and inner peace, some of which will stay with you off the bike.


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