Everythinggirl.com old websites...links to the old websites!!!

I really miss all the old websites on everythinggirl.com and i think you guys miss a lot too. so i went on the net looking hard and i found achives/links to Diva starz, Myscene, Flavas and Whatsherface...enjoy! here are the links to them.. Copy and paste the link that you want and put them into the URL Whatsherface.com Get glam Show off Sweet thingz Hip grooves Coolin it Myscene.com (2002 website) MyScene.com (2003-2008 website) Myscene webisodes page Myscene My Zine page My scene My Friends page My scene My Shop page (recent one before they took it down) My Scene games: Shopping Spree Beauty Studio divastarz.com doghouse game carrot crunch treat toss Fluffy starz dress up Flavas.com frost yo nails club bumpin beats monsta rhymes mail stop Genoration Girl.com (2000 website) Genoration girl.com (1999 website) Barbie websites though the years 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 (Barbie game) Activity pix Barbie 2004 website pages Fashion Star BTV Games Magic Dreams (Game from the fashion star page)- Barbie's closet Mystery squad.com teentrends.com Ello Creation system Kelly club website Polly Pocket Polly Pocket 2005 website Polly Pocket 2006 website


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