Style and Fashion for Older Women

http://sixtyandme.com/fashion - In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, Judith Boyd and I discuss many aspects of fashion for older women. Judith is a 70 year old blogger whose site "Style Crone" expresses her passion for style and fashion in the lives of older women. We discuss her use of the word "crone" to represent an authentic, powerful and adventurous woman. For her, a "crone" is a wise woman who expresses her life experience and love in the style she creates with her clothing, accessories and attitude. We discuss fashion for women over 60, including how creating a unique personal style is a way for women to both adorn themselves and to express their inner self and beauty. Judith also provides tips on where to look for unique style accessories, at thrift stores, consignment shops and estate sales. How would you characterize your personal style? Do you think that there should be more magazines and websites covering fashion for older women? Please add your thoughts and questions in the comments section. CONNECT WITH SIXTY AND ME: * Website: * Forums: * Facebook: * Twitter: * Pinterest: * Newsletter:


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