(Custom Hair Design & Head Shape) Buster Boyd: Become a Better Barber

www.BetterBarber.com **These are not a bunch of partings that you would use all at the same time. Used one by one, they are useful to me to control hair and to begin an approach to creating stylish and innovative shapes and designs. Each parting is a great place to get started when you are tailoring a custom cut to a unique head of hair.** One of the most basic steps along the way to Custom-Fit or Tailor-made (Bespoke) haircuts and styles is understanding head shape. Beyond the head shape, it is valuable to understand how to effectively break-down that shape into manageable pieces that are useful to great hair design. Imagining how the shape of the head changes and how the hair can behave differently in each part will help you to become a better barber. www.BetterBarber.com


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