The Christian Woman's Attire or Clothing - 1 Timothy 2:8,9,10

http://www.kingshouse.org - The Christian woman's attire or clothing—what she wears. Also known as Biblical Modesty. Let me say from the beginning, we are talking about the CHRISTIAN WOMAN or SISTERS IN THE BODY OF CHRIST not women outside of the church that is those that do not know Jesus. There is a so-called Christian singer named Erica Campbell of the group Mary Mary that posed in a very inappropriate dress I'm not going to show you the photo, but it sparked a debate about Christian women's attire. We need understand what the BIBLE says for our sisters in Christ to follow. Listen any clothing that outlines and highlights your body and body parts is not ok. It is inappropriate for Godly Christian women that claim to know Jesus. Be careful lest you tempt the brothers in the Church; would that be sin Yes! 1 Timothy 2:8, 9, 10 1 Peter 3:1-4 The Bible says modest apparel it simply says modest apparel nothing more.


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