GEABVEDIP AWARD WINNER 2016 ~ AMOR FATI ~ Best Fashion Film // Zero Degree Arts //

Amor Fati tells us about the oniric and introspective journey of a Young Woman, questioning her womanhood, in echo to her work as a model and actress. Both of us use to work with actresses and fashion models, and we were puzzling about how they were dealing with their feelings as the object of desire. Our graphic inspiration came from French golden age of advertising (the 80's) with directors such as Jean-Paul Goude and photographers such as Guy Bourdin. // Directors: Quentin Caffier, Raphaël Lopez Writers: Quentin Caffier, Raphaël Lopez Star: Alexia Giordano // Worldwide Distribution : Zero Degree Arts // IMDB: FACEBOOK: DISTRIBUTOR : // *-*-*-*-*


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