Clothing Haul ✧ Supre', Ally, Valley Girl & Chica booti | Ashleigh Huth

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PIECE OF CLOTHING? ALSO, DROP THIS DOWN BAR! Hello lovelys! This time of year here in Australia, it's sale galore! Getting new clothes doesn't happen often because everything is a tad expensive and we usually buy things that we need in the moment, so I am totally greatful! I went to my favorite fashion shops, and checked out a new one which I ended up buying something incredibly cute at! :) LINKS TO WHERE I BOUGHT THESE CLOTHES: ☽ Check out my blog! ☽ ashleighhuth.blogspot.com.au ☽ Instagram is ashleighhuth ☽ Follow me on twitter! ☽ ☽ Follow me on tumblr! ☽


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