Why Ep 62

Trish- I'm sorry Grace Grace- its ok- cries Drew- why Grace- He got a job at Rosewood High Taylor- oh Ally- hey, Grace looks at her Ally- things get better, take it from me, so that is why we are going out tonight Grace- What Ally- there is this party tonight we are going, Trish bring Saige and obviously Taylor an Drew will go together Grace- but what about me an you Ally- I guess we have to wait what is in store for us Grace- I don't know All's Ally- you have never got to live a little cause you were dating our teacher so now he is flying free an so should you Taylor- she is right Grace Drew- yea maybe it will be good for the both of you Grace gets a text sorry for the break up- A Trish- forget A, A is stupid Taylor- oh god they turn Drew- Becky's back Taylor goes over Taylor- nice to see you again Becky goes over Becky- you too- smiles Taylor- we missed you around here Becky- I came down for Shermans funeral tomorrow Taylor- oh really Becky- yea hope to see you there, an tell Ally I need the dry cleaning money for my dress that got soda all over it- leaves Taylor goes back Taylor- she is back for Sherman's funeral Janel comes in Janel- hi Ally- I want the chip Janel- is that why you called me down here Ally- yes I want it Janel- Why Grace- it's her's Janel- if it wasn't for me then your mom would be in jail Ally Ally looks at her Janel- you all don't trust me especially you Ally- give me it Janel- here- smiles Ally- thank you Janel- I want us to be back to normal Ally- i'm sorry but I don't know Janel- hey, were in this together like it or not- leaves Taylor- I hate her AT the party Grace- lets go Ally an Saige grab her Saige- come on Grace have fun Ally- she's right Grace- this is like a collage party Trish- were seniors Grace- in high school not collage Drew- you were with Matt he is 22 almost 23 out of collage for like 2 years what is the difference Ally- he is right Trish- we will be back- leaves with Saige Taylor- get her to lighten up- leaves with Drew Grace- we are both single Ally- I know and .... Grace- everyone here has a date Ally gives her a drink Grace- I haven't drank since that night when Abby disappeared Ally- drink up then Grace drinks Ally- how do you feel Grace- lets get this party started- jumps up and down Austin an Cassidy come over Austin- why are you two here Grace- Having fun- drinks Cassidy- I can tell Austin- you shouldn't be here your under aged Ally- so are you ??- hey Ally Ally- hey Alex- smiles Austin rolls his eyes Alex- this is my brother Justin Justin- want to dance Grace- Sure they leave Ally- wanna get a drink Alex- sure- pulls him away Cassidy- stop staring at her Austin- what Cassidy- I am blind not stupid Austin- i'm sorry- kisses her With Ally Alex- having fun Ally- lots, surprised a new boy would be here Alex- needed to have fun an I was kind of looking for you Ally- really Alex- yea Ally- why Alex- I really like you, like a lot Ally- I really like you too, like a lot they both laugh Alex- will you be my girlfriend Ally- I would love to Alex kisses her Ally kisses back Austin is watching an feels hurt At the house Ally- that was awesome Grace- I know I have 2 cute guys numbers including Justin's Ally- and I have a boyfriend Grace- are you sure it's not too soon Ally- no Grace gets a note Grace- hey look Ally- what Grace- ya know fashion week is coming up maybe you should go, red coat will be there- A Ally thinks back Ally- oh god I know who Red coat is Grace- Who? Ally- Fashion week, god it's GG CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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