What to Wear to the Airport | 5 Travel Style Tips for Men

This video is all about what to wear to the airport to be comfortable AND stylish. Big thanks for Original Grain for making this video possible. Check out The Minimalist collection to grab the watch I'm wearing in this video, and use the code MODESTMAN for a special discount. FULL POST: Your travel outfits should be comfortable, functional and stylish. You don't need to wear a suit like Don Draper, but you also shouldn't look like a frat boy schlepping his old backpack back from spring break. There's a middle ground, in terms of style, and that's what I want to help you achieve with these five tips: #1: Wear accessories #2: No t-shirts #3: Wear pants (not shorts) #4: Slip on shoes #5: High-quality luggage If you follow these five tips as best you can, I guarantee you will look better than 90% of men in the airport. If you have any questions about travel outfits, leave a comment below. -- WHAT I'M WEARING (affiliate links): Brown watch - Blue check shirt - Navy polo (sold out) Grey pants - Loafers - Light jeans - Sneakers - Laptop bag - -- FREE E-BOOK: PREMIUM GUIDE: Stay stylish!


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