Amazing Men's Freestyle Haircut | Pompadour with Skin Fade

Hey guys! So I had the pleasure to film this super sick cut today. The hair model has super thick hair which made the freestyle work look fantastic! My barber Jose is very talented, this cut took well over an hour to do. Its super unique and looks awesome! Be sure to give my barber a follow on Instagram and give this video a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching as always! Follow Jose and myself on IG: Jose: @real_barb3r Myself: @camcretney Styling Product: By Vilain Dynamite Clay Get it here: ***Subscribe for new videos every week!*** Last Video: **Vlog Channel** **Group Channel** **Instagram** **Twitter**: **Facebook Page** Music: Stalling- Yt Audio Library Love you guys! Thanks for all the great comments and likes! Appreciate it!


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