What are the best sources of informaion for starting a fashion brand

A few questions today via email and video comments from +101456659968291081564 in London Navpreet asks specific questions about starting a fashion brand and where to get the best information from, for his brand. But since it's a really important question, I thought it was important to answer. Some of the questions won't make sense until you watch the video as they refer specifically to guides and a course I run, but the answers are coming up in the video. Q1. [Video comment] What about boys formal wear? Will your book help me start this? I need help to start/source. This refers to my free 66 page start up guide when you join my weekly email. You can sign up here Q2 [Email comment] Will you be doing your Fashion Brand Boot-Camp via webinar? This refers to a fashion brand building course I do each year, currently in Hong Kong. You can find more information here Q3. [Video Comment] Is it worth taking the short courses at London College of Fashion or other training centres? This refers to an alternative to my Boot-Camp course as he is not in Hong Kong.


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