3 Biggest Trends in Data for Fashion and Luxury Brands in 2014 | Q&A with Cathy Han (CEO of 42)

Cathy Han (Founder & CEO of 42) recently spoke at the Hackers on the Runway global conference in Paris and came back with a few key lessons learned. What does the future of luxury fashion and data look like? What makes a customer 20x more likely to purchase? Why data is so important for your brand differentiation? | About 42 Technologies, Inc.: 42 is a predictive analytics platform that makes data simple and intuitive for retailers. Gain valuable insights into who your top customers are, break down performance by store, and take advantage of sales trends—all through an online dashboard you can access from anywhere. Request a demo at www.42technologies.com and let us show you what your data can do. Follow us on Twitter @42technologies


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