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Best Approach to Fashion Design PLM | Styche Co (Stitch-Co) StycheCo ("Stitch-Co"), is the vehicle of change for lifestyle brands and retailers who know, that they need a totally new approach. Starting from product design through to commercialization, StycheCo modernizes the process, reduces significant cost, optimizes margins and creates holistic sustainability - for everyone. We bring Design and Manufacturing closer together. Digitization via on-line, mobile, social channels and demand driven supply chains are calling for a hyper-connected consumer-designer-supply chain experience. StycheCo, enables the strategic vision by uniquely partnering with the creative, supply and information technology departments to achieve holistic connectivity and future proof business transformation with a proven approach, defined KPI's and metrics that are transparent and align to the strategic goals. OUR MISSION "MODERNIZE AND ALIGN THE PRODUCT CREATION PROCESS OF APPAREL LIFESTYLE BRANDS AND RETAILERS TO BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS IN STRATEGIC, HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES." 1. Deliver value to the internal / external teams 2. Deliver value in the product, for the end consumer 3. Deliver fiscal value to the organization and the customer MULTI BILLION DOLLAR LICENSED BRANDED APPAREL COMPANY, NEW YORK THE APPROACH: Using a phased approach, all internal teams critical to product development, including Design on Mac using Adobe Illustrator, were up and running within 3 months. Phase 2 took only 2 months, which included the rollout to dozens of external partners (Agents, Vendors and Factories) in the Far East. Phase 3, which included Line Planning, was interrupted when the company acquired another business, doubling its size. Remarkably, this new business was absorbed without adding any additional headcount. THE RESULTS: In just 6 months, this business successfully implemented a new PLM application with supplier collaboration, managed a new acquisition that doubled its size, and never exceeded the original project investment nor missed a milestone.


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