. Hi, #Guess What? I'm Buddy Jackson of @ and I'm now trying to Paul or Victor Herrero's Business-Minded Attention to see if I can get them to "pwn" me... Everyday for the Past Few Years, I've Been Totally into The Process of Manifesting THIS™ Brand Gift Clothing & Accessories as Gifts in a Box With a Card -For Someone You Love Or Care About (Like a Friend), -from Super-Innovative, PVS's (Portable Vending Stations) Beautiful, Ecologically-Friendly, Portable, Lightweight, Electronic, Android-Driven-Kiosks, I Affectionately Call Hippiemart "Tourist Attractions" My Desire is to Bring Peace & Love Into The World, Licensed By THIS™ Fashion Brand, Sold as Gifts Within a Worldwide Network of Portable Vending Stations, Owned and Operated By People, in Their Own Towns, in Their Own Way! I Think There's Something Amazing and Wonderful About Gifts and I Believe I Can Make The World A Better Place By Inspiring Others To Start The New Trend of Practicing An Act of Giving and Receiving Gifts from One-Another as Expressions of Love and Friendship! Buy THIS™ for Someone You Love or Care About -It Comes In A Box, With A Card! -You Get Three for the Price of Two, like Our phone number: (213) 3-4-2 THIS So, Being an Artist/Musician I Typically Create at Least One Music Video for THIS™ Everyday! I Call My Creations "Advertainments". -Yeh, I know they're weird-and-different. . I'm a Dreamer, Musician, Digital-Artist. Peace & Love, Buddy Jackson, (213) LET THIS


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