Luxepick Luxury Fashion now Accessible affordable

Chennai, 15 June 2016: Chennai-based Luxepick.com is set to revolutionize how you experience fashion by making luxury fashion accessible to everyone. With Luxepick.com, you can now have multiple fashion experiences at a fraction of the cost. Luxepick.com offers thousands of Fashion Art Jewellery, range of Designer outfits& accessories on rent so customers can enjoy a guilt-free luxury fashion experience. The brand takes a distinctive customer oriented approach of ‘Occasion focused’ product offerings targeting Weddings & Parties. There have been huge gaps in meeting the aspirational needs of youngsters without burning their wallet. Luxepick.com offers perfect solution to such growing demand by bridging the aspirations with affordability. Luxepick.com’s virtual catalogue is constantly updated to reflect the latest trends while an in-house team leave’s nothing to chance when it comes to packing, maintenance and hygiene. With easy ordering and hassle-free returns, this makes for a smarter fashion experience for all special occasion needs What’s more, Luxepick.com also offers customers an option to buy the merchandise at a reduced price after every use.


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