DIY Recycled Magazine Christmas Ornaments | Craft Idea Tutorial Using Magazines

This DIY recycled magazine Christmas ornament is a great craft idea to do with friends. This craft idea tutorial using magazines is a thoughtful way to decorate your Christmas tree. Here is the link for the Star Pattern used in this tutorial: These crafts take some time to make. You end up spending a lot of time folding the paper. So, this would be fun to do while watching a movie or sitting with good friends or family. Anyone can do this even kids although getting the folding just right will take some time. Recycled magazine gets a bit tough to fold when you get down to the smallest folds. I hope that you enjoy this craft idea and that you also take a look at some of the other holiday craft ideas that I've done tutorials for. Make sure to check out all of my Christmas ornament videos. I've done several this year. Thanks and please make sure to comment with any questions. I always respond to comments.


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