Join the Fashion Revolution - How You Can Make a Difference Against Fast Fashion

As the owners of a successful ethical clothing line (www.kooshoo.com), we're asked all the time why "fast fashion" matters. Here we sit down to share with you what fast fashion is, how it impacts all of us and some of the awesome options we have to make a difference. In the video we feature our hugely popular Kids Pants (www.kooshoo.com/kidspants). What makes these fashionable kids pants so great is they're designed to fit 3X longer than other kids pants. In other words, for every pair of these Kids Pants sold, 2-3 fast fashion pants are saved from landfills. Ingenious design that looks and feels fantastic is one way you can choose better options to fast fashion. Watch the video to learn more. Please share this video and help spread the truth about Fast Fashion. To learn more, visit us at www.kooshoo.com.


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