Nick Arrojo: Hair is the original

Tev sits down with Nick Arrojo, modern icon of the hair industry. Nick shares his rise to fame, how education is his main product selling tool, and how the connection between the hair industry and social media is getting more and more powerful. Nick Arrojo is a revered hairdresser, educator, and leading light in the business Nick can boast exposure in the world’s best magazines, work with the world’s top fashion designers, and seven years as hairdressing host for TLC’s ‘What Not to Wear. He is an author and mentor and, through ARROJO education, he shares his insights and inspirations with tens of thousands of fellow professionals each year. Subscribe To The “Late Night with Tev Finger" Channel HERE: bit.ly/watchLNWTF Follow “Late Night with Tev Finger” on Instagram HERE: @tevfinger


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