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Mother and daughter Randa and Samyra Quraan created The Fashionista Bible in 2013. They are both very passionate about helping change lives all around the world. They wanted to bring an online experience that not only allowed you to shop from all the latest fashion trends such as bottoms tops, accessories, jewelry and more, but to also give you a platform to self express yourself without being judged. "We live in a society where the majority of people are either depressed, struggling with weight, boyfriend or husband issues, diseases, family struggles or more. Young girls and boys are to intimidated to express themselves to their family and friends" says Randa Quraan. 'The FB community will allow you the opportunity to speak to many people your age or older that can guide you and assist you with any issues or advice you may need." Two board certified therapists are part of the team so not only can you mingle with peers your age, but get advice from board certified therapists. "Nothing is more precious then living your life to the fullest and of course looking fashionable through your journey," says Samyra Quraan. Life is life, fight for it." Thank you for visiting! Make sure you join our FB community and please email us at info@fashionistabible.com if you have any questions or concerns.


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