Top 10 Hottest Korean Models 2015

10. Han Ye Seul: Born in the 80’s, Han Ye Seul is one of the hottest and most beautiful Korean women. She has not only been a model, but also featured in several movies. Han began her career from the modeling industry. She is widely known for her work with young Korean girls’ mentor-ship programs. 9. Nam Gyu Ri: Nam Gyu Ri is another talented, and inspiring Korean beauty. She has been a singer and fashion model. She began her career as the lead singer of the band, SeeYa. She is one of the prettiest Korean ladies ever. 8. Go Ah Ra: Go Ah Ra is a popular South Korean actress and fashion model, who has recently become highly acclaimed. She has been known for her soft nature and humble personality. She is beautiful, and hard working. Go Ah Ra has been on the cover of various magazines. 7. Kim Tae Hee: Kim Tae Hee is one of the widely popular Korean actresses and fashion models. She has modeled for big brands and magazines during her career. Any film which features this young woman is set to become a hit. 6. Han Hye Jin: Han Hye Jin is the young Korean diva. She has been an actress and widely appreciated fashion model. She is known for her killer beauty, and charming personality. Han, unlike majority of the Korean women, is a dark way length. She is superbly hot. 5. Sang-mi Nam: Sang-mi Nam, unlike many South Korean actresses, is an internationally renowned woman. She has been a fashion model who worked with various popular fashion brands and entertainment magazines. Other than this, Sang co-starred with many Hollywood actors. 4. Yoon Eun Hye: Yoon Eun Hye has been featured on the cover of various magazines. She is also famous for her singing capabilities, and is a part of the girl singing group named Baby V.O.X. 3. Park Min Young: Park Min Young is a Korean woman with global repute. She is a hot actress and successful fashion model. Park’s long luscious locks are just part of the package that she has. She is very hot and gorgeous female. 2. Song Hye Kyo: Song Hye Kyo has been featured in various fashion magazines, shows, and many Korean movies. Her long face gives her a more unique look as compared to various other Korean females. Song has been a charming and slim lady. 1. Son Tae-young: Son Tae-young is a superb and exceptional Korean actress and model. She has represented her country in the Millennium Miss International Competition. Her oval face and smoky eyes add value to her overall personality and attraction. IMAGE SOURCE: "GOOGLE SEARCH" SOURCE:


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