How a Sette is Made - See How a 7-Fold Luxury Necktie is Made

Click here to see the entire collection: http://setteneckwear.com/ A Sette, 7-Fold Necktie is crafted from one meter of beautiful AAA quality silk asymmetrically folded seven times onto itself. This process gives Sette its name, as "sette" means "seven" in Italian. Our Italian partner is among the finest and most respected silk weavers in the world. He produces our carefully selected AAA grade Italian Silk, incorporating the smallest details in design and texture. Once the silk is woven, your Sette is then folded seven times in a style exclusive to Sette Neckwear, one that uses no liner or filler, but only pure AAA Italian silk throughout the necktie. Unlike most seven-folds, your Sette is silk through and through, the product of one full meter of silk. You will find no necktie like your Sette in the world. Is our way more difficult? Yes. Does it make for a finer product? Most certainly. A Sette is the absolute finest necktie in the world thanks to its exquisite finish and pure silk interior, classically crafted.


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