6 Best Etsy Shops for Vintage, Jewelry & Fashion

Get more fun fashion tips here: http://www.pressroomvip.com/category/... Etsy vintage! Etsy jewelry! Etsy fashion and home decor! We're obsessed with the unique finds on Etsy and soon you will be too. Check out our 6 best Etsy shops. Happy shopping! Script Hey Guys! I want to admit something to you: I. Love. Etsy. I can spend hours on it looking at everything from handmade clothes, to vintage glasses, to wedding dresses! There are so many talented designers on Etsy making handmade clothes. Demestiks NewYork is from Brooklyn and is completely made to order. They use very cool prints that remind me of Africa and the jungle. I love the Maggie skirt, The Peplum Skirt and The Gugu Dress. Across the Atlantic in Madrid is Royal Caballito. I love them because they use bold patterns and bright colors. If I want something fun to wear I will go to ZuZuWear from Canada. I want this bikini top for my bachelorette party because it’s just so girly, fun and tropical. I love VAUX Vintage for finding vintage items that stick with today’s trends and are easy to mix and match with contemporary clothing. It’s not just clothes I love.... Shop Krazy Eyez make sunglasses that look fabulous and are perfect for music festivals. I just bought the Unicorn in Disguise and I love The Midnight Rider. Check out Plant and Color terrariums and fun animals planters for adding that special object to your house. Those are my favorite shops on Etsy, which are yours? Let us know! And don’t forget to subscribe our channel! This is Marisol, The Fashionista Chica telling you to keep it Trendy!


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