Italia's Next Top Model 3 - Episode 1 - Elimination

Episode 1 First aired October 2, 2009 After months of auditions of more than 1,500 wannabe models, the 16 girls chosen for the competition meet in Via Montenapoleone, the most important fashion street in Milan. They are briefly introduced by short clips and soon after the group is complete they are told to join Natasha, the host, and Michael Giannini, art director of D'Management, in the place where their first elimination challenge will take place. Michael tells the girls they have only fifteen minutes to pick an outfit and do their make-up to get ready for an improvised runway show in the city center, with an audience made by passers-by. During the show Elisa draws the attention of the public by wearing a transparent top part without underwear, and Jade manages to be noticed by her striking Barbie-type of look. Then the episode moves to the studio, where in this cycle the models' evaluation will be made before a live audience. The 16 models are presented and Michela Maggioni, winner of Cycle 2, makes her entrance and a video shows the beginning of her career as a model after her win, with photoshoots for important fashion magazines such as Marie Claire or Harper's Bazaar, and her appearances on runway shows in Milan and Singapore. Then the contestants' performances on the runway are evaluated in the studio, focusing on the worst of the group. Michela brings the girls out of the studio and in front of the models' house that this year will also be their "Model School". Meanwhile the judges deliberate, praising Elisa for daring it all and Anastasia for her performance, while others like Athina, Eleonora, Giada, Veronica V. are criticized. From the studio, Natasha proceeds to tell Michela the names of the girls who will make it into the house, giving her the task of delivering the photos before the front door of the Model School. Athina, Giada and Veronica V. are placed in the bottom three for their unimpressive walk and bad outfit choice. Giada is called, but only to be told to be eliminated, while Athina is invited to pick her photo since she is chosen to enter the models' house, leaving Veronica V. eliminated as well. * Bottom three: Athina, Giada and Veronica V * Eliminated: Giada and Veronica V * Guest judges: Martina Colombari, Italian model and actress


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