What's the Best Place to Buy a Watch? My Recommendations | Gear Playtime Ep. 1

Answering a very common question about where I get my watches and what recommendations and favorites I have in a new video format for this channel! I discuss authorized retailers and dealers for brands like Omega or Rolex, as well as shopping for wristwatches on Amazon and eBay! So, where is the best place to buy a watch?? "Gear Playtime" is my new format for covering broader gear-related questions which I am interested in or often getting asked about. It's in a off-the-cuff vlog style format which I hope to develop on this channel alongside my typical tabletop reviews so I can bring more content to you! If you liked this or found it interesting, please make sure to like this vid and let me know in the comments below! Any feedback is appreciated as I try to widen the range of 555 Gear. Thanks! Websites mentioned this episode: watchuseek.com timezone.com ebay.com amazon.com analogshift.com hqmilton.com watchsteez.com


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