DISCONNECTED UNDERCUT | Best for Wavy Hair | Mens Hairstyles 2017

PRE-ORDER CHAPTR : chaptrhair.com Follow me on instagram! http://instagram.com/bycarlosroberto/ Whats up guys! I finally did it! I got a Disconnected Undercut to see what it felt like. This is my first ever disconnected undercut and truly pleased with the outcome. My Wavy Textured hair is easy to manage and it feels like I barely have to touch it. Not only because this hairstyle is easy to manipulate but because Chaptr Hair Cream is BEAST!! My hair is now currently: Top: 4 inches Lowest: .5 inches I am going to let it grow back but going to have fun styling it using chaptr! IF you have not followed us on Instagram, make sure you do @chaptrhair. Let me know if you want me to do any hairstyles now that I have this haircut! Also anything you want to know about Chaptr??? S/O to Jordan's sister Jessica ( @Jobrien__ ) for cutting my hair! Go check her work out and book an appointment if local at Razor Mikes Barbershop (707)-217-1294 Hope you all enjoyed! ADD ME TO YOUR CALENDAR. I WILL SEND YOU A PERSONAL NOTIFICATION WHEN I UPLOAD. SIGN UP BELOW, ITS FREE!!! *IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS/COMPANY WHO WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT ME ABOUT REVIEWING A PRODUCT. Pleas e-mail me at carlosrobertobusiness@gmail.com CONNECT WITH ME AT : - - SnapChat: @bycarlosroberto - Facebook: MUSIC BY BEAST! NOAH - CHEF


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