COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL Find Your Best Makeup & Fashion Colors

An interesting lesson in color analysis to help you find the best palette of colors to go with your own skintone, eye color and hair color. This system is old, but wonderful and I want to share the secret with all of you how to look fabulous and save money when you buy makeup or clothes. Imagine buying lipstick, blush or eye shadow and KNOWING it will look great on you? Stop wasting money on clothes that do not look good on you! Stop buying bad lipstick colors! Match your shoes, handbags, eye glasses and dresses like a pro! COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL VIDEO (laugh at the awful bland lady robot explaining the 80's system!) The Color Me Beautiful website: ColorMeBeautiful.com/ I am NOT affiliated in any way with Color Me Beautiful and am not being paid for this, nor did they give me anything for free. In fact, they probably hate me after I canceled my order and told people in this video not to buy from them. They still owe me the lipstick that was supposed to come with the swatch fan. lol CONTACT: KathyAsMakeup101@gmail.com or Kathy A Fisher PO Box 13 Vernon, CT 06066 Please visit my RADIANT LADY COSMETIC site and stop by the Color Me Beautiful page to see which of my eye shadows are cool or warm toned. I love my subbies! Next week will be the drawing on the 26th! Have a "colormebeautiful" day! xxo Kathy A : D


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