Austin & Ally - Fashion Shows & First Impressions - Promo

I DO NOT OWN AUSTIN & ALLLY! Hey everyone! I just watched the new episode of "Austin & Ally - Hunks & Homecomings" and I know, I know, I promised a lot of you that I would upload the full episode of "Austin & Ally - Hunks & Homecoming" and I am so so sorry! But I couldn't record it and watch it at the same time! I am sorry. But I promise I will upload the full episode tomorrow! Promise! Sorry again, but yeah. I really just wanted to watch it and not have to check the recording will I was recording so I'll just do it tomorrow because I know how it goes now so I can record it. So yeah. But I can't wait for this Austin & Ally to come on and then I think "Proms & Promises" is going to come on after this episode. I THINK. Anyways. . . Yep. I really hope Auslly get together soon! =) Till Next Time. . . Goodbye My Loves! •«»•


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