Japanese Magazine Guide with Bo

Hope you enjoyed seeing Bo!! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I often post on Tumblr or Snapeee the new magazines I get! I recommend using CDJapan to buy magazines: The American website is Magazines.com! I saw Japanese fashion magazines on their, like Steady. Here is the link to the Japanese magazine freebie review site: List of magazines mentioned: (You should be able to find most of these by searching CD Japan in English--*TIP* Also search google with the magazine title and date to see what other people have posted about that issue!) Fashion: Steady, () CUTiE, () MORE, () JJ, ViVi, Popteen *Housewife/Recipes*: Suteki na Okusan (すてきな奥さん)() Kawaii Characters/Sanrio/San-X/Animal Crossing: Kirapichi (キラピチ)() Pichi Lemon (ピチレモン)() Ribbon(りぼん)[includes manga] () Nakayoshi(なかよし)[includes manga] () LaLa(ララ)[includes manga--mostly Natsume Yuujinchou] () Chara Sagashi Land(キャラさがしランド)[very juevenile!] () NeNe(ね〜ね)() Pico Puri (ぴこぷり)[Animal Crossing and 3DS magazine) () Bo's Anime/Manga: NyanTYPE, () Dengeki G's Magazine, Dengeki Bunko () ♡ Check my tumblr for more pictures and cosplay: www.pescamaryan.tumblr.com ♡ Check out my BLOG :3 www.pescamaryan.blogspot.com ♡ Animal Crossing Videos: ♡ ReMent Videos: ♡ Kawaii Series: ♡ Hauls and other Kawaii Videos:


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