Hillsong London 2016 Satanic "Illuminati Church" Easter Rituals Exposed

Videos: http://vid.io/xobx http://adii.uk | AdamII@gmx.com Satanic 2016 Hillsong London UK Illuminati Church Easter rituals exposed in evil NWO temple of Satan: The special voodoo cult music concert of false prophets pastor Gary Clark in "Hellsong" Grand Master Freemason lodge is a trump of God to vigilant Christians. Ritual song lyrics "Crucify Him" at devil praise/worship pop sermon of the Dominion Theatre are shocking! Justin Bieber and false teachers of a New World Order conspiracy attend megachurch Hill songs in this full horror movie show. Christianity is hijacked by crazy preacher superstars as angels reap at Hillsongs England gathering for endtime Bible apostasy harvest. This makes Alex Jones' Bohemian Grove on infowars look like Disney Land. Joyce Meyer and Carl Lentz preach daily at evangelical churches which are infiltrated by demonic Luciferian devil worshippers preparing for the Roman Antichrist. Live footage of service: . I hereby declare that I, Adam David Cherrington of Northamptonshire UK, no longer serve, tithe or attend this gathering because of these sick performances. Brian Houston, get your house in order or I'm contacting the BBC! P.S. I want my money back! Recommended links: ... ... Recommended reading: ... P.P.S. DON'T KILL PIGGY! Is it any wonder that people are calling it Hellsong? Well this performance certainly didn't do them any favours. Was the witch really necessary, and her little magic trick directed at the congregation? Or perhaps the overall theme? Or the ritualistic chanting? Even Batman made an appearance. Yay. And let's not forget the good old-fashioned Masonic pyramid and all-seeing eye. Great stuff! Yeah, In God We Trust. If only Jesus Christ were here right now. He would be going barmy, no doubt. The rather amusing scene with a stick in the 1977 Jesus of Nazareth film staring Robert Powell springs to mind. Or perhaps He would take a bazooka to this lot, homing in on the witch. One of my friends informed me that the lead pastor had little idea of what would be included! So who's running this freak show? Ultimately it was the Creative Director's decision, and their Creative Department includes an actor. The Hollywood movie industry have taken over again. How can it be called a church when the ministers have little to no control at all? Oh dear. End times indeed. I suppose the big question is, Who is their 'Creative Director', and what on earth is going on in his head? Monkey see - monkey do. Psychoanalytic theory and behaviourism are used in Psychology to understand why people do what they do. Welcome to the Kidsong party with Voltage and fuel. Come join Powerhouse and register for Innovation: Youth Leaders Conference and Encounter 16: Fear is a Lie at the South Bermondsey Warehouse Project campus at Unit 3 Stockholm Road or be found in the Mystery Babylon NY with the Belieber homeboys. Check out the Christmas Carols with Mr. Sparkles and shake your booty at the SSE Arena Conf. Let's indoctrinate and psychologically destroy our children and the righteous with horrific violence, Luciferian worship songs, glorify the Catholic Pope Francis false prophet heretic and become a "Fearless Generation", fulfilling St. John the Divine's Book of Revelation with our Pentecostal gatherings. Senior Leadership: Bonus "LDHEL" Videos! Psychology for Dummies: Colour Conference Exposed: Hillsong Satanic Illuminati Church: 7 Archangels in the Book of Enoch: 2nd Edition of end times prophecies book 'Jericho: Countdown to Oblivion' available now at Adam's Ministry! Copyright © Little Donkey Pictures 2016 by A.D. Cherrington. All rights reserved. |


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