Sewing Books for Beginners - Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible - Review

A necessary sewing book for beginners - before sewing any clothes for themselves! Great sewing books aren't just found in the sewing section. Any beginners at sewing should have a style guide - it is of great help when you're buying sewing patterns. Why waste valuable time and energy making something that is not flattering? Strengths: All that you ever wanted to know about each piece of clothing you’ve ever worn, seen, or yearned for is covered in this book. Tim is on top of his game as he opines with wittiness about every wearable fashion item, head to toe. You might change your mind about throwing on a white t-shirt after his summation of them! In understanding the history behind the clothing we all know and couldn’t live without, you’ll be glad you live in the current era of fashion - free to breathe in less restrictive clothing. However, you might be stumped when you find yourself agreeing with Tim’s view that we should be using more restrictive clothing on a more regular basis. Why? To look fabulous, of course! Highlights: Diagrams and tips of some designations of styles and lengths. Helpful hints on the correct fit for specific pieces and a good bit about understanding your style preferences - those things you lean toward. This is critical to those beginners. Sewing with this preplanning will make your clothes into what you really desire! Authors of this book which I recommend for beginners at sewing are Tim Gunn and Ada Calhoun. Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Twitter: Friend us on Facebook: Check us out on Instagram: Get inspired on Pinterest: View the broadcasts on Periscope: @ethelandisew Add us to your circle on Google+:


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