Beginners Guide to Reselling Vintage Costume Jewelry on Ebay - Part 1 Cherry Vintage 2013

Part 1 of my beginner's guide to selling vintage costume jewelry on Ebay. This video is designed for men & women who have no clue when it comes to: what to buy, how much to pay for it, how to price it, where to find it and more. My 8 best beginner's tips will start you on an easy path to finding the jewelry as well as tell you how to maximize your profits when you sell vintage costume jewelry on Ebay. Stay tuned to thecherryvintage channel for part 2 of this guide. Part 2 focuses on examining the example jewelry upclose to learn jewelry styles and elements you need to recognize when you begin your search for vintage costume jewelry to resell on Ebay. Better pieces of vintage costume jewelry are truely collectible and a good investment that increases in value over time. Not to mention, they are a joy to wear and a pleasure to hoard. ;-)


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