Radha - Episode 90 - January 28, 2017 - Best Scene

Watch Radha and other Zee Bangla shows LIVE at http://www.dittotv.com/livetv/zee-bangla Now enjoy Live TV On the Go and catch Shows, Movies, Sports, News and more with #BeesKaTV at www.dittotv.com or download the dittoTV app now. Subscribe to the dittoTV channel Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Watch full episodes of ‘Radha’ at Enjoy the world of entertainment with your favourite TV Shows, Movies, Music and more at www.OZEE.com or download the OZEE app now. The story of radha, a girl with morals and talents. She lives in the suburbs with her family and owns a small clothing shop that provides tailoring services. She is extremely adept at making clothes but does not take much care of her own appearance. The only downside is that she is fat. Eating for her is a habit like breathing or sleeping. For this reason, her dream of marrying a man who will love her more than anything is incomplete because whenever a marriage proposal comes for her they don’t go ahead with it because of her being fat. On the other hand, there is Raj, the owner of a fashion house in Kolkata. He is perfectly groomed and a man that every woman would love as her husband. Radha and raj meet each other when Raj comes to source material from radhas shop. They do not like each other as radha feels overwhelmed by this well-kept arrogant man and raj feels disgust towards radha because of her fatness and her un-kept appearance. A situation arises that leads to their marriage. There is great friction between them but they eventually fall in love with each other and radha grows into a capable business as well as life partner for Raj. She makes everyone realize that her size doesn’t define her. It becomes apparent that raj and radha are a match made in heaven, that not only destiny but the whole universe has conspired to bring them together. This is a unique love story of how opposites find peace and love with each other. How a small town girl grows into a woman of panache and sophistication.


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